Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hey people!! I am back from exile!! Yeah, self-imposed that is. Well back in UTP. First week here...and oh my, weekends can kill have nowhere to go and the blistering golden eye(Re:Shakespeare) is freaking hot. Yesterday, I went to Ipoh for some Rotaract function. Visit to Ipoh Hospital to give fruits to children and also brought orphans to the movies. Well, I have this scrawny looking kid of thirteen whom I cared for yesterday!! Well, I treated him like my brether and yes, I treated him movies and popcorns and drinks as well...Lol...oh ya, for you racist buggers who are wondering what colour is his skin, fine: he's a Malaysian. Get it?

As I have promised earlier in my first very entry of this blog...there will be not much pictures(think the Economist) and all words and words and more words...not much to add here though.

And there wil also be the occasional jabbing and poking albeit satirically at authoritative figures. So, today's topic of conversation is freedom of expression by scholars in a certain university located north of Selangor and south of Kedah and further from KL to Gopeng(wherever that is) if you measure the distance from KL to the university. (Disclaimer: I have just changed topic and all things mentioned here have strictly no connection to anything that was mentioned previously unless you can find a connection. If a connection can be found, you ought to be commended upon your achievement and will be subjected to the first sentence of the disclaimer. Repeat until you cannot find a connection.) Maybe things will get better when we put it in the form of a story:

Once upon a time in the 21st century, where globalization is the mainstay and internet connection is indispensible, there lived a community of elephants in a jungle reeking with green-coloured bugs and green-eyed monsters. The elder elephants remain at the top and think that they are simply so great and powerful. Although they are deemed to be wise they always forget why they are there for, which is to teach the younger elephants on how to hoist logs for export. As there is an energy crisis going on in the world at that time, logs were needed for fueling purposes. Don't ask how old the logs are, but they are estimated to be a few millions years old and they have turned black and sticky ever since. The elder elephants run a logging company which form trade with the humans(a greedy race which have sucked the earth dry and deprived their fellow brothers, the orang utans a chance to eat bananas) and grew rich themselves, selling logs by the tons. The logs were melted somehow and placed into barrels which were priced more than USD$80 at the time this page was written. The elephants growing older and lamer, set out to recruit young elephants from all over the world, wherever elephants could be found., so this young elephants were given free board and lodging in the jungle and promised employment in the timber company. To cut things short, the little elephants were deprived of proper rivers, where they bathe and entertainment outlets. Not only were they disconnected and blocked most of the time, they were also cut off from the world. No elephant was allowed to trumpet and blare as it would only draw snorts of comments. The elder elephants were dominant and controlled everything as the younger elephants, eager to find an avenue of expression and trumpeting, were taunted with sheer belligerence and a dash of ignorance whenever they stopped working and trumpeted. The younger elephants in the end learnt their lesson as they should never blow water at the very trunks that fed them, so they studied hard, kept their trunks in the river and released annal discharge into the same river they worked in and finally, ended up working in a culture where to trumpet unneccessarily brings trouble. The male younger elephants hardly married and kept working and working and working until the logs finshed. By the time the logs have finished, they were not worried as they are now rich and are living a life of relative luxury.

This sums up the topic for this week. Till then, goodbye and Happy New Year!!!
Note: About the disclaimer, well, if you know me, then you shall see.

Friday, November 04, 2005

This should my first real post in the blog before I go back to UTP. Yeah, it's the university of PETRONAS in Tronoh..rings a bell? Ah..nevermind, it's somewhere not quite near Ipoh, Perak, if you get my point.

About the holidays..I got back on Monday, spent the rest of the day sleeping and went online after 12.00am and realised that it Joon Heng's birthday was the day before(31st October)..ouch!!Chatted with Peng Loon online..yeahh great feeling sharing feelings about our respective institutions...well, talk about great minds thinking alike...hehe.

Next day, we went for our traditional teh tarik session in Tanjung Bistro.. courtesy of Joon Heng's driving..yeah that kiddo has improved(as though I've sat his car before)..he drove me and PL there...and we had our chat..PL told brilliant stories of his campus. We exchanged stories..with JH having the best life of course...come on he's in Taylor's!! Later we test droved his mother's car!!Shhh..sorry Mrs Tan, hehe...his mom must have been shocked if she realised that her car was er..handled by no one other than PL and me!! Oh least those guys drove better than me..I felt so weird getting back on the wheel after so long.
Went back and worked on my Thinking Skills project...(to think that Thinking Skills is also offered in A-Levels!! least it's way different although I still have convulsions and de ja vus about enjoying Mrs Fam's classes back in Taylors).. Wrapped it up, went online as I did religiously every night since I got back.

3rd day was spent around Taylors..Met up with Gladys for tea in Asiacafe..she shared her stories and I belted out mine but in an exaperated yet animated manner. Yeah we plotted our various strategies for our personal battles for happiness..yeah, quite cool..plan still going at this moment but I fear I shall disintegrate anytime today..hehe...the plan is our little secret though... Felt happy after that..oh ya forget to mention that I kept her waiting because I met you know who...yeah...Hafriz, Arun, Ashok, Shaun and Sao Lee at the Taylor's gate...we chatted or rather I heard renditions about the horrible stats paper..Gladys made some mention about it too. Remembered that Ashok's shoelaces were loose that time..sad sad. They said that Jieqiang is back at his might as well let him rest time...the others are sadly dota-ing according to them although the sight of Shaun not going to the cc is something to cherish. After Gladys got back. Walked her to the row of shops then waited until her dad came..then somehow met Jo-anne around there before she went back. Next, I naturally went back to Taylor's to check out Aaron!! Our librarian brother and badminton coach's son who is also sort of my coach as well. Anyway..went to the library but he's not around..the senior librarian Helen was also not there..just went there looked at the entrance then left since I cannot enter without them..Those days in Taylor's library were simply memorable..I spent practically my whole life there after classes, sometimes clocking 5 hours in a row with Jq, Hong Ping etc. Still remember that JH stayedtill 7, Jq stayedtill 6.30plus... ahh...yes Hafriz never does!! At least until the first Sem exam where he stayed because of the rain!! Thought I got him into repentance but I think I was wrong..He's a real legend...shall get to that maybe next round... different from my UTP days..cos I always brag about the library being the best in Malaysia but somehow I never camped there like I did in Taylor's. Probably don't want to think about those glorious days in Taylor's. Anyway, Jq has stopped living in the library after I left...I must have made him feel guilty for him to stay back and work..Oh ya I nearly forgot that we once did this sms puzzle about some houses, cigarettes, pets and people..don't remember already but we spent quite sometime while we were supposed to do Further Maths or something. Hehe this reminiscence of Taylor's yeah..sometimes can get time shall include on my encounters with the guys, girls, seniors, sad fellas, workoholics and desperate guys picking up girls in the library etc. Not forgetting the countless number of times the senior librarian came and scold me for talking too loudly or rather just for the fun of it..until she became my pal..and somewhat those buggers teased me about having an 'affair' with her. Ouch.
Shall one day dedicate a poem to the Taylor's library sometime soon.

4th day, nothing much...those fellas are still on with their AS.. SAM dudes having no one...
Woke up miraculously early..12.30!! Went for Raya open house with mum and dad...after that went to first visit in like umppteeenttthhh years..well...maybe 3 months. The place is still more or less the same..just that the pirated games stores are no longer existant..should have realised that it was the fact 3 months ago as well...Sigh...Then I met JH..he was running up the escalator to the highest floor..PL is caught in some super jam..JH bought the tickets for the Corpse Bride. Managed to spot Pun Chee, Kenneth and Tze Yang(fellow UTP guys) Pyramid that day. Met Shi Ian with a familiar-looking guy as well..and as usual poke fun of JH in front of them about Zorro being lame, Doom being too scary and Corpse Bride being least that's what JH said. Met Narain..that macha is working at the entrance as the ticket collector!! Went up there, he tore our tickets then I stood there for awhile until I got 'molested' by Kishore!! Yes..Kishore!! The other macha!!! Long time no see...they still remain the same..brothers...Then I went out again(that's illegal actually) to buy drinks... then got back again...Narain had some trouble with this customer who brought in outside food..I waited awhile than went in to find the screen.. Got in to see animated characters singing on screen!! There were only Chinese subtitles for the musical part of the Corpse Bride(oklar the movie is ok..not too least for a guy who hasn't watched a movie in ages whether on TV or in the cinema!!) which happened to be showing when I entered so I thought it's still commercial time. I flashed my phone to check the seats and squirmed my way to JH's seat..I stood up talked to him since I though the adverts were still on...luckiliy I sat down on time...before those fellas behind start cursing..apologising, I sat down. PL's still not there yet..somehow he came in later and we sat down together. After that..we went back to our old school to meet up with Kok Jing and Wei Joe who were waiting like sad er...people at the school since we accompanied PL to buy a shirt after the movie. Anyway, JH took 2 wrong turnings that resulted in at least 6 additional km before making it to the school..and to think that he lived in Subang for 18 years!!! After tea and some tosai, we went back with JH driving all of us back. Quite an enjoyable day, well spent with my best buddies though I have many more best buddies to meet up with next time around.

Today..yea..I mean yesterday is spent basically on books..yeah back to the grind, as they say..and talking about grinding, yeah I need to sign off next entry shall be made in UTP or perhaps not in a long long time.. Meanwhile, take care and see you all soon guys!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hey, my pals, brothers, sisters what about a blog?..Initially though it was just another place or ploy or sham..well, maybe I was wrong unless I really got shammed. Anyway, this is my first blog in my whole entire 18 years or living on good old planet Earth.. let me list down the reasons for starting this blog as a form protocol, yeah..(what's with me and my protocols..?)
1. I'm too bored.
2.It's a good way to keep in touch with my long lost pals and buddies(countless millions..just like counting ants but I don't want to lose anyone of you...). At least they should know that I'm still alive and will get a taste of my experiences in today's globalized world, though I fear that I'm not in one at the moment.
3.Why not dudes? It's pretty senseless and sometimes sensible fun to post your thoughts online.
4.Keeps me in a world of my own at least for a while.
5.Keeps you from being too depressed whenever the stock market collapses(choi!!).
6.Gives my fingers a good chance to exercise.
7.Write senseless stuff and poems with the strange, starry-eyed hopes of getting them published by companies.
8.Lets me insult and poke fun at the various antics we have in today's society.
9.Lets me practise writing after those 10 endearing months after SPM where writing is something frowned upon.
10.Lets me talk about the stars, the skies, the moon and anything that can be talked about without anyone telling me to keep my mouth shut.
11.Hmm...keeps me from midnight-snacking and all those instant noodles.
12.The list just goes on and on...yeah..maybe that should cap it all before I move on to the next section, not forgetting also the prospect of putting myself in the shoes of a politician, lawyer, businessman, scienntist, propagandist, engineer, football club manager and many more of those wonderful careers from a 'simpler' looking glass.'m more and more's like writing friendster profiles and testimonials without the limited character counts!! Like that, maybe it's time to squeeze every wee bit of those creative juices albeit not in a morbid manner.

Ok, let's move on to the next section: Why the name : Musings for yesterday,today and tomorrow?
Musings refer to deep thought embraced by sheer unrelenting concentration over something.
The something in this context is indeed yesterday, today and tomorrow..meaning everything!!!

Time for more protocols then perhaps I shall try penning my first poem in ages!! It's been a long, long silence from The Great 1(TGI)..finally, for those of you who are wondering whether TGI is some restaurant name or's nothing more than myself!! Haha..the Great One!! sounds cool? ok..I mentioned before above that I'm in a world of my own somehow in this blog right?

Now, now..a few more formalities..yeah...I'm pretty formal as a person..probably the reason why I'm so sad when it comes to is another matter, it's like a rollercoaster that drives you from the outer-reaches of the milky way to the deepest core of the earth all in one track!! Maybe in another post-up..but it's usually classified though..just that my fingers can't stop typing about the roller-coaster part.

Next is the comment policy..firstly, there is no policy, I just want your sincere comments..nothing more...the stark truth is better than the thick enveloping curtain that curtails the emergence of reality. So if there is anything you would like to comment, just give it your best or shall I say, worst shot. One thing, NO VULGARATIES!!

Another thing is that every word typed here involves EFFORT as in any other blog created by everybody on this I would to say THANK YOU if you really go all out to read every word. Another thing I would like to add is that I'm prone to writing paragraphs with intrinsic definitions and something may mean another sometimes...nevermind, just interpret in from your point-of-view and post in in your comments. I shall tell you mine later and if possible, we can together go over the entire thing together if you are really interested...well, this is just a blog from a simple organism...nah..anyway, all the same, just tell me your opinions..YOUR OPINIONS are treasured by me as though it is the newest apartment in Sri Hartamas and not some wonderful property in Bukit Beruntung. Yeah..or from a different persperctive...just compare finance stocks and technology counters...ouch... Just fire away, who knows you know something that I don't know and together, we can explore what we both don't know.

My pledge:
1.The amount of nonsense or crap or bullshit(bs, for short) will be close to zero. Everything has a meaning no matter how nonsensical it sounds to you.
2.The amount of vulgarities is zero..yes, zero...since being a purist in the lingual sense, I will not tolerate any form of foul expect your comments to be censored if you use vulgarities.
3.The censorship of comments will only occur when there is any form of vulgarity. Vulgarities are defined as words not supposed to be taught to children aged 5 years and below. The censorship, I guarantee, will not be factually or figuratively distorted in any manner.
4.To make this blog enjoyable to be read..something you can drink your cup of morning coffee and indulge in.
5.To create an international standard for this blog by minimising the amount of Malaysian English of any sort.
6.To have fun and I hope you too will have fun!!!

Ok, enough of the roundabout, gotta get sleeping soon or I shall be having reveries throughout the day tomorrow.

Lastly, is the DISCLAIMER section:
1.The blogger would like to apologise in advance for any discrepencies or distortion of facts.
2.Political renditions are purely satirical and no direct attacks will be made in any sense..wait...what attacks?
3.The facts published wrongly shall be corrected by the blogger and apologies shall be posted on this blogsite.

Hmm..that should somehow sum up the foundations for this blogsite...
For the templates..yeah, I'm in need of help here...I shall get it improvised soon somehow but don't expect meteoric changes so far.

Ok, this sums up my first post in my first blog in my whole entire life!! Thank you once again and Happy New Year!!